Oct., Nov., Dec. Sign Club Co. Newsletter

Coming Events
Oct. 14- We will be on National Public Television (NPT) from 1:00 to 4:00 as part of their American Graduates telecast. We are one of their champions. You can, also see our section on our Facebook page.
Nov. 30 – Sign Choir performing at a “Very Special Arts” (VSA) event.
Dec. 3 – Sign Choir performing at Hendersonville Christmas Parade.
Dec.10 – Sign Choir performing at Gallatin Christmas Parade.

Our curriculum is ready to be marketed! It contains a Lesson Plan Book (30 lessons) and a video of each lesson. It will sell for $199.00. Contact us via E-mail (signclubco@gmail.com) for an order form.

Board Dinner
Our Board Dinner on Sept. 19 was very successful. We raised $8,200.00. We sold the quilt the children made in summer camp for $300:00 during the live auction. We want to thank all of the vendors who contributed items to our Silent auction and our live auction. We had a Mexican fiesta to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. The food was provided by Meat Sweats and it was delicious.

Sign Clubs
Our sign clubs have begun. They are located at Howard Elementary (first year to have one), Gene Brown Elem., Burris Elem., Indian Lake Elem., Lakeside Park Elem., Pope John Paul II High School and Station Camp High School.

Portland Police Dept.
Poppy will be providing training to these police officers on Oct. 19. She will be instructing them on some sign language, Deaf Culture, the dangers to deaf children, the new law concerning abused deaf children, and how to use Video Remote Interpreting (VMI).

Silent Dinners
Oct. 17 – Sax Deli
Nov. 7 – Blue Coast Burrito
Dec. 5 – Firehouse Subs
Jan. 16 – Chick-Fil-A in Gallatin
These dinners are from 5:00 until closing.

Adult Sign Language classes will begin again in January. For more information
Contact Jeanelle at: SignClubCo@gmail.com

We are now partnering with United Way! Yeah!